Bioimpedence Scale

Bioimpedence Scale

By understanding the unique elements of each patient’s body and lifestyle, Dr. Rigby and our Providers can prescribe a customized and effective medical weight loss regimen. He uses the bioimpedence scale to map out the body’s total composition in fat, muscle, water, and resting metabolism. The sum of this data is powerful; it allows each patient to accomplish medical weight loss around their body’s individual needs.

The bioimpedence scale is smaller than the DEXA scanning machine, allowing the patient to simply stand on a platform, grab the electrodes and receive an undetectable electric current through their body. Before the measurements are taken, our Providers input the patient’s age, weight, gender, and other relevant characteristics. These details are essential to calculating the correct measurements.

Using the body’s water mass to carry an electrical current, the bioimpedence scale requires that patients remain hydrated before the analysis. Patients might also need to refrain from consuming alcohol or food beforehand. Talk to Dr. Rigby or our other Providers about getting the most accurate results possible from your bioimpedence test in Layton at Davis Family Physicians.

  • Water
  • Muscle
  • Fat

Different percentages of fat, muscle, and water mean different approaches to exercise and diet. As a medical weight loss doctor in Layton, Dr. Rigby and our other Providers help patients make sense of these measurements to figure out a successful approach to getting healthy. The bioimpedence scale is a reliable tool for tracking a patient’s progress as they regularly meet with our Providers during their treatment. Staying attuned to these factors throughout the weight loss process allows our Providers to adjust treatment as a patient progresses.

To learn more about how the bioimpedence scale and other medical technology can enrich your journey to a healthy lifestyle, get in touch with Dr. Rigby or our other Providers at (801) 397-6150

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