Weight Loss Factors

Factors Affecting Weight Loss

Weight loss doesn’t happen the same way for everyone. For some people, a little exercise means the pounds melt right off. For others, the body may refuse to respond no matter how much time a person devotes to their diet and exercise regime. As weight loss professionals in Layton, Dr. Rigby and our other Providers  understand many of factors that impact the body when a person is attempting to lose weight, but he also acknowledges that there are still some unknown elements. Reaching a healthy weight is a unique journey for every single patient, and our Providers are here to help them discover the right path for their body. If you find yourself wondering “why am I not losing weight?” consider these five factors:


Certain genetic patterns can predispose a person to obesity. By recognizing a pattern in family BMI’s, Dr. Rigby and our other Providers might consider certain weight loss treatments over others.


Also tied to genetics, every person burns calories at a different rate. Our Providers can help patients improve their metabolism by determining a strategy to build lean muscles and cut down on inefficient dietary preferences.

Activity Level

By improving daily levels of physical activity, people can overcome genetic dispositions toward obesity. Dr. Rigby and our other Providers will work with you to determine the most effective and enjoyable way to burn fat and build muscle.


Everyone is aware that eating patterns can impact their BMI and overall health. Our Providers can find a meal replacement or supplement program to assist patients with natural and healthy dietary changes.


What’s in your refrigerator right now? Where do you live? Based on your surroundings, exercise may be more easily accomplished and healthy food may be more accessible. Dr. Rigby and our other Providers will help you make the best of your personal situation on your weight loss journey.

Whatever your circumstances, our Providers know there is a way to help. Don’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed with losing weight. Give Dr. Rigby and our other Providers a call at the Layton clinic and learn more about the best way to burn fat and keep it off.

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