Diet Counseling

Diet Counseling

To many people, the term “diet” means “not eating something bad.” By this logic, as a result of following the “diet,” a person will lose weight from not eating the bad thing. But at our medical weight loss clinic in Layton, it’s not that simple. A “diet” is actually anything a person eats. So, if a person eats only chocolate, that’s their diet (not recommended). As a medical weight loss doctor in Layton, Dr. Rigby  and our other Providers help patients create an overall healthy diet plan for weight loss and management, and discover a healthier way of living.

Some diets completely restrict people from eating specific foods. But when a person is told not to do something, such as eat a delicious cookie, they really want to do that thing. A healthy diet plan for weight loss from our Providers is less about drawing up a list of “dos” and “do nots” so much as educating patients around the effects of different foods.


Daily Sugar Intake

For example, consuming two cans of soda in a day means ingesting 128 grams of sugar, which is about 5 times a person’s daily requirement. When excess sugar builds up in the body, it turns into fat. At the same time, sugar is actually an addictive substance, meaning it takes concerted effort to stop consuming it.

With a little more awareness of the factors at play in our daily eating habits, patients often find it easier to cut out food and drink that have negative effects.

To learn more about diet counseling from our Providers in Layton, and creating a healthy diet plan for weight loss, give us a call and set up an appointment.

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