Hormone Testing

Losing Weight through Natural Hormone Balancing

The body is battlefield of hormone control. Between the adrenal glands pumping out cortisol and the thyroid gland steering the metabolism, it’s no surprise that these substances impact our energy and our ability to lose weight. Our Providers  have a complete understanding of the correlation between hormones and weight gain, and he uses it to help each patient at the Layton Medical Weight Loss Clinic overcome obstacles on their journey to getting healthy.

A few of the most common hormones preventing weight loss include cortisol, insulin, thyroidism, estrogen, and testosterone. Even if a patient strictly follows their diet and exercise regimen, these troublemakers may keep caloric levels unstable and therefore impact weight loss.


This hormone is directly tied to stress. Yes, working too hard or worrying about life can make it harder to lose weight. Cortisol makes it harder to shed belly fat, disturbs sleep patterns, and increases sugar cravings. Our Providers can help patients with high cortisol find ways to slow down and be more mindful in their journey to a healthier lifestyle.


The thyroid controls metabolism. An unreliable metabolism means lower energy levels and a minimal caloric response to exercise. Obesity and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) are often connected, and Dr. Rigby and our other Providers can determine whether this is an issue.

Estrogen & Testosterone

Estrogen and testosterone levels impact fat storage, and may be key to the body’s resistance to weight loss. Our Providers may prescribe supplements to help regulate these hormones if they are unbalanced.


Insulin stores fat, and if it’s unregulated, that means more belly fat and a tougher time burning it off. Our Providers will advise Layton Medical Weight Loss Clinic patients with insulin problems on potential solutions to changing their hormone levels.

Hormones are complicated and affect many different elements of the body’s regulatory system. Our Providers take a careful look at these factors to determine if they are significantly impacting weight loss.

To learn more about the hormone testing process, get in touch with Dr. Rigby and our Other Providers at the Layton Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

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