Changing Your Lifestyle

Losing weight isn’t simply a matter of running on the treadmill and eating some kale. By working with Our Providers as your medical weight loss guides, you will discover an entirely new approach to life. From finding ways to walk farther to cutting back on sugar consumption to learning to take a second to breathe, losing weight means changing the way you experience the world.

On day one, our Providers will discuss the many factors affecting your weight loss journey. He will do his best to determine everything affecting your mission to get healthy, but some obstacles may still occur down the road. The best part of working with Dr. Rigby and our other Providers on your medical weight loss is that when challenges present themselves, he is always there to guide you, boost your confidence, and provide an informed explanation of the situation.

Everyone knows that exercise is a crucial component of losing weight. But the options may often seem overwhelming. With the help of our Providers, people can determine the exercise regimen that makes them feel better in body and mind. Typically, patients are recommended to try a mixture of cardio and muscle-building activities, which allow them to burn fat and build muscle. The body responds to an increase in muscle mass by increasing daily metabolism rates, which makes exercise easier over time.

As many people know, the toughest aspect of losing weight is sticking with the exercise. By helping people find an activity they actually enjoy, Dr. Rigby and our other Providers hope to make working out a normal part of daily life and a form of stress relief.

If you’re interested in trying medical weight loss and changing your lifestyle for the better, get in touch with our Providers and Davis Family Physicians in Layton at (801) 397-6150

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