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Best Way to Lose Weight – Custom Treatments

Each of our Provider’s patients receives a custom medical weight loss treatment plan based on an extensive analysis of their body type, behavior, and goals. By using the latest medical technology at the Layton Medical Weight Loss Center to fully understand a patient’s body composition, Dr. Rigby and our other Providers can more accurately track a patient’s progress and recommend the best way to lose weight. Patients who are informed of their specific body condition can more confidently stick to our Provider’s recommendations around diet, exercise, and supplemental treatments.

While health diet and exercise are extremely important to losing weight, our Provider’s treatments also address a multitude of other factors, including:


Fat storing substances like cortisol and insulin make it harder to lose weight, and are often caused by chronic diseases like diabetes or hypothyroidism.

Stress Levels

A person constantly exposed to stress produces more cortisol, which increases their belly fat and sugar cravings.


Sleep is essential to the health of cells that correctly process insulin and digest food. Without it, insulin stores unnecessary fat.


A wide variety of prescription and over-the-counter medications cause weight gain with fat storage, appetite increases, and metabolism slow-downs.

Body Composition

A number on a scale isn’t a complete story around your weight. Our Providers use medical technology to calculate the exact percentage of fat, muscle, bone, and water in your body.

The journey to getting healthy means looking at each of these features (and many others) to nail down a comprehensive approach to weight loss. Set up an appointment with our Providers in Layton to learn more about how medical weight loss is the best way to lose weight, as it puts the patient’s health before the number on the scale.

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